Why follow the heron?

You may be wondering, why follow the heron, when most of the time he stands still?

It is in those very times of stillness when we create magic. When poems are born, when the pencil etches an intoxicating line on a page, when we come home to ourselves.

And then we take flight, soaring over the landscape, coming to land in the next place of interest. Like Heron, we explore the edges between the land and water. Sometimes we find sustenance as we wade through and at other times, the fish swim right up to our feet when we stand still.

We curse ourselves for those still times, shamed at our failure to ‘be productive’.

I have been working shamanically and creatively with the spirit of Heron, who has been teaching me the value of staying put. I have rallied against rooting myself, I have been constantly distracted by anything that grabs my interest but with Heron as my guide and ally, I am learning to sit by the water’s edge, to focus and to value the gift of just being, knowing that something will emerge when it is time.

Heron show me how, 2020, Charcoal

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Poet, artist and singer. I am an ecobard :)

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