Unnatural Selection

I am the turning point,
the creature who would 
not survive

for all my teeth, such as they are
overcrowded, criss-crossed 
and speaking of my weaknesses

slackjaw underbite
withered masseter on
slender mandible

I am equipped to suck and
roll soft foods upon my tongue,
foods my gut rejects
but that I hungrily devour

I am the result of the tricks we’ve played –
the food we’ve farmed
the easy lives we’ve made.
When you cheat the system
you’d be wise to check the smallprint.

My heart is a bag of teeth
bicuspid, tricuspid
aching, incised with pain
when I think of this half-life
on the sofa
floppy-limbed and

the wolf would pick me off like that!

Yes I am the marker of our descent

remember this when I smile at you,
flash my overlapped incisors
that cut nothing but porridge.

© Bea Lehmann 2020

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Poet, artist and singer. I am an ecobard :)

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