Reawakening my curiosity

I feel like I am awakening from some kind of creative stupor – a miasma of intellectual apathy that has been softly suffocating my creative curiosity. Granted, the poetry has flowed more generously for me, but I was floundering on what to do with my pencils and paints. I’m not sure what has shifted this week, but it has seen me start a paper maché project, do a series of studies of Egon Schiele’s drawings and today, I passionately indulged in a session of black and white photography, using my phone camera (which I had fallen out of love with some time ago).

This photography was actually an optional task set in our poetry class – simply to take and share one black and white photograph with the group next week. Of course, none of us will take just one photo… And I was delighted to find myself really enjoying the process and the results of my photography. I was inspired by Edward Weston’s high contrast detailed pictures of nature. In particular, I enjoyed these simple studies of a series of bird feathers I have – those of a heron, a swan and a crow. Now that sounds like a poem in the making itself, doesn’t it?

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