I have just returned from a magical week in a Devonshire Valley, rediscovering myself, the land and how much I love people. I participated in Embercombe’s flagship ‘personal development course’ (that feels trite to describe it that way). It was a very profound experience. I wrote this poem on the penultimate day whilst reflecting on the things I would take away from my time spent in this very special place.

I have taken off my shoes and socks
my tender feet rest upon the long grass
of the old sheep’s paddock
and melt onto its cool softness.

I used to scorn them for how they hurt
these feet – that brought me here!
Now I ask them what they might need
how I can love them better
after all, we’re on this Journey together.

Here, I have met my wild twin
and we bellowed like elk
gave birth to old griefs
released limiting beliefs
we have sung louder and freer
than ever, together. 

Now I have known the power
of community support
I’ve watched grown men cry
and loved them for it
I have discovered my own sorrows
in the stories of others

I have seen humanity laid bare
and beautiful
I have swum in the lake
of human acceptance

I want to dig my own 
for my home town
How can I feel disconnected now?

And as grandmother ewe
chews her cud
I wonder if sheep ever get bored?
There’s no risk in this paddock,
only reward…

We need wolves, you see
to keep us keen
So I’ll go out and find some
I’ll lay myself open

I am told it is worth all the scars

I choose that silvery path.

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Poet, artist and singer. I am an ecobard :)

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