Enter the Night

Here is a recording of me reading this poem.

immerse yourself

in the warm, inky night

take no light

go when the air is still

to the trees where 

the day birds sleep

can you hear the thrushes dream?

each crisp leaf that tumbles

loud and sharp in the silence

breathe in as sycamores exhale

smell dew-induced 

petrichor and listen to scurrying

rodents in the brambles

sense cautious footsteps

of watching foxes

as you feel the pulse of bat calls

tremble the roots of your hair,


feel welcome here

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Poet, artist and singer. I am an ecobard :)

3 thoughts on “Enter the Night

  1. Beautiful. I feel like I really need to do this. I hardly ever connect with the earth at night time – all artificial lighting, cosiness and screens inside. Must heed your beautiful invitation! x


    1. Thank you Sally. Yes, the night feels so different. But a word of warning! One thing I didn’t mention is that I came across a man lying on his stomach, dressed in camouflage with an air rifle pointed at the path I was about to walk down! I asked him what he was doing (this was at the Gunpowder Works). He said he was hunting rabbits! I told him he was in a nature reserve and shouldn’t do it here. He was very friendly and polite and left (probably because he shouldn’t have been doing what he was doing AT ALL!). But yes, meeting a man with a gun in the woods at night when you’re alone is not a fun scenario!

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