I am a library

I am a library;
there are millions of voices
and stories inside of me
written in code
in every cell
adrift in my dreams
in my thoughts and my fantasies
the secrets, joys and cruelties 
of all those who precede me

I cannot read them, those stories
I cannot know
but their noise and their clamour
has drowned out my own

if you enter me
enter me quietly
only then will I
reveal the pink
and mucous lined heart of me
let you read my pages
as I fall open, fall in
can you make sense of this
blurry narrative?

are there clues as to who 
endowed me with this?
these irrational fears
which one had slim ankles
and the slenderest wrists?
who gave me this voice
and do I have a choice
not to sing?

I am a collection of thousands
of biographies, biologies
whose histories combine
fossilise with time
small wonder I’m hung up
on the question 
of who I might be
what constitutes mine

for I am a library
no such thing as me

I will always be us:
We will always be we.

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Poet, artist and singer. I am an ecobard :)

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