Bea Lehmann – I live in the rapidly-growing market town of Faversham in Kent. I make art, write poems and do graphic design in the studio in my garden. I go to the marshes and the woods to clear my head. I love spending time with my friends.

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Do you feel it too?

She goes to the woods alone,
when she’s afraid, cut off –
feeling lost on her own

for the company is rich there
the air of it thick there – 
intangible community

I have spent most of my adult life feeling a sense of not-belonging, being lost, living in limbo. I know I am by no means unusual, and like many others, I’ve searched for ways to find meaning and connection in my life. It’s a stereotypical tale of a middle-aged woman hitting crisis point and discovering spirituality. For me it was Druidry – not a religion, but more a way of living, thinking and interacting with the land.

the hum of leaflitter life
warm earth and tree chatter
beckons her in, to soften

and sway with hopeful saplings
who will teach her how to be;
to speak with wiser trees

I’ve always been an artist, but through my progress through the Bardic grade (with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) I began to write poetry as well. It helps me understand myself, and to connect and share sentiments with my readers, which makes us all feel less alone. I’m now an Ovate and continue my journey whilst growing my relationship with the trees and plants around us. We have so much to learn from the natural world, if only we can stop and listen.

My creativity is my way of expressing myself. Like many (most?) of you, I’m a wild dog trapped in the body of a three legged whippet, in a society that would shoot you dead should you show your fangs. And so we abide.

But we search for ways to quell the flames when sometimes it’s worth stoking the fire.

as her edges dissolve, she merges
with forest as it breathes her in
and she inhales the forest

blending aerosol aura and leaf oils
she utters wren-song
as her roots swell in sweet soils.