2021 is over

Warden Point Cumbersome yearcome to rest uponthis quiet beachat world’s end reachhere we meet under soft grey skiespebbles crackle underfoottender glands constrictmy throat the tide is awayreveals expanse of rippled claywhich, each daywashes new fossilsinto our consciousnessshark’s teeth, lobster tailsfishes’ vertebrae people cometo collect these lessonsfrom Father time iron whelk in my palmwho slithered in […]

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What can it mean?

After a day full of tears yesterday, I got up and wrote a poem just-like-that this morning. It felt good. Half way through writing, my husband shouted from upstairs (where he is self-isolating with COVID) that there was a rainbow out the back. That changed the direction of my poem, and hopefully my week/year (yeah, […]

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Sunday morning grey

This morning was so dull and grey. I felt compelled to document my morning, capturing some of the minutiae of my domestic life in all its glorious greyness. No glamour.

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the cat

her yellow eyes
lined black

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Starlings in November

I hadn’t noticed the starlings until the moment
they suddenly fall silent

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‘She is the wild’ book launch

Friday evening was a first for me. My first ever book launch! My friend Sally and I had discovered the perfect venue – a beautiful yurt near Canterbury called ‘The Quiet View’. Lizzie and John were perfect hosts, having set up the room in a beautiful circle – I immediately felt my nerves settle when […]

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the trees are letting go their leaves nowscattered offeringsmyriad gifts of foodin delicious hues tomato, tangerine, limesaffron, honey, nut butter peppering the groundwith fallen lightharvest festivalreturned to earth. (Images taken at edibleculture, Faversham)

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I am a library

I am a library;
there are millions of voices
and stories inside of me
written in code
in every cell

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La chispa

It’s 5.30am and inexplicably

I am awake

I yield to the conscious realm

put on my cosy clothes

make a fire

cup of tea

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