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The gnarly oaks have stillednot one leaf stirson my back, I gazeat the travelling skythrough the shynessof the canopy even the birds have stoppedperhaps to let me hearmy heart and greening breath but now a sinister humof a fly-swarm I cannot seeit threatens to feast on those dying, uselessparts of me may the maggots take them!let […]

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I have just returned from a magical week in a Devonshire Valley, rediscovering myself, the land and how much I love people. I participated in Embercombe’s flagship ‘personal development course’ (that feels trite to describe it that way). It was a very profound experience. I wrote this poem on the penultimate day whilst reflecting on […]

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I need a blank slate – a white sheet
some breathing space in this bloody place
exhume me from the myriad crap I’ve kept
that now keeps me crippled.

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In the mornings when I wake
I reach for the drops 
to moisten my dry eyes

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Designer Living

accents in tallow
licked at by the pale hound
we lashed to the downpipe
leaden with undertones of blue

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The Firebowl

My garden awakens;
buds and blossoms are peeking
the tender air hums and whirrs
with hungry bees that grapple
with fragile rims of 
white comfrey bells.

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