Sunday morning grey

This morning was so dull and grey. I felt compelled to document my morning, capturing some of the minutiae of my domestic life in all its glorious greyness. No glamour.

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La chispa

It’s 5.30am and inexplicably

I am awake

I yield to the conscious realm

put on my cosy clothes

make a fire

cup of tea

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My first poetry collection in print

I debated for a while whether to self-publish or play the traditional game of submitting work to publishers, but I’m too impatient for that. Plus I have friends who were waiting for me to put together a collection… so hell, I just did it. Being a graphic designer meant that laying out a book wasn’t […]

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This voice

paint me Krishna blue

so I might sing infinity

unfold the darkness

where all forgotten stars are nestled

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Raven Feather

in morning delirium I thought I held a raven-feather
sleek and sculpted for cutting air

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For the Love of Schiele

This is typical me. I decide I need to go deeper on a subject, and then I take a big tangent – go off-topic and get a bit lost there… For the sake of some drawing exercises, I copied a drawing by Egon Schiele. I had first been confronted by Schiele’s work as a schoolgirl […]

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Reawakening my curiosity

I feel like I am awakening from some kind of creative stupor – a miasma of intellectual apathy that has been softly suffocating my creative curiosity. Granted, the poetry has flowed more generously for me, but I was floundering on what to do with my pencils and paints.

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Heron help me

My art mojo is unbearably unpredictable. I have not yet learned how to overcome the frequent and prolonged dips in motivation that I experience and I think it is because I haven’t found the way in which I want to express myself artistically, at least for now. So, when I am in the mood, I […]

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