the cat

her yellow eyes
lined black

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Starlings in November

I hadn’t noticed the starlings until the moment
they suddenly fall silent

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the trees are letting go their leaves nowscattered offeringsmyriad gifts of foodin delicious hues tomato, tangerine, limesaffron, honey, nut butter peppering the groundwith fallen lightharvest festivalreturned to earth. (Images taken at edibleculture, Faversham)

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I am a library

I am a library;
there are millions of voices
and stories inside of me
written in code
in every cell

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La chispa

It’s 5.30am and inexplicably

I am awake

I yield to the conscious realm

put on my cosy clothes

make a fire

cup of tea

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My first poetry collection in print

I debated for a while whether to self-publish or play the traditional game of submitting work to publishers, but I’m too impatient for that. Plus I have friends who were waiting for me to put together a collection… so hell, I just did it. Being a graphic designer meant that laying out a book wasn’t […]

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This voice

paint me Krishna blue

so I might sing infinity

unfold the darkness

where all forgotten stars are nestled

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Home to me

The gnarly oaks have stillednot one leaf stirson my back, I gazeat the travelling skythrough the shynessof the canopy even the birds have stoppedperhaps to let me hearmy heart and greening breath but now a sinister humof a fly-swarm I cannot seeit threatens to feast on those dying, uselessparts of me may the maggots take them!let […]

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