La chispa

It’s 5.30am and inexplicably

I am awake

I yield to the conscious realm

put on my cosy clothes

make a fire

cup of tea

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Wild Horses

I have been artist, singer, dancer
I have spun stories and held gatherings rapt
I have served wonder on platters
I have lived on the edges and spoken with the fungi
I have crowed bear-breasted at the moon
I have writhed with breathless passion
and have grieved with utter abandon

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Reawakening my curiosity

I feel like I am awakening from some kind of creative stupor – a miasma of intellectual apathy that has been softly suffocating my creative curiosity. Granted, the poetry has flowed more generously for me, but I was floundering on what to do with my pencils and paints.

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Parental advisory

This poem is about how the ways we are loved and protected in childhood can influence how we live our lives. Includes a recording of the poem.

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Why follow the heron?

You may be wondering, why follow the heron, when most of the time he stands still?
It is in those very times of stillness when we create magic. When poems are born, when the pencil etches an intoxicating line on a page, when we come home to ourselves.

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